Coaching Tailored to Your Needs


I work with clients from around the world – in Asia, the United States and Europe. Everything I do is designed to provide clarity on where you want to go and how to get there as quickly as possible.

  • Your complimentary Discovery Session
    Our first discussion is a free 20-minute session to assess your needs and whether we both sense a good fit. This will provide greater clarity around your goals and possible next steps. If appropriate, at the conclusion we can discuss a coaching package that fits your needs and fees for moving forward.
  • Scheduling private coaching sessions
    Getting started simply requires our mutual agreement to move forward in the coaching relationship. We can compare schedules and determine a regular time to meet by phone (or Skype), subject to my availability to take on new clients. Twice per month is usually best to make meaningful progress. If your goals require more frequent meetings we can discuss accommodating that.
  • Your exclusive one-hour time slot
    Sessions are scheduled in advance at a regular time. The time slot we agree on is reserved exclusively for you to ensure you maintain momentum and consistent action between meetings, so be sure to take advantage of your scheduled sessions.
  • Advance work
    Before each session, you will likely be asked to complete pre-work to help guide your progress and ensure a strong foundation for our work together.
  • Confidentiality
    From my perspective, our work together is completely confidential. Unless YOU choose to share it with another person, nothing that we discuss will ever be revealed – including the fact that we are working together. On the other hand, you are free to tell whomever you wish whatever you want, and to refer your friends or colleagues.
  • No long-term contract
    Clients continue to work with me because of the ongoing value of the results they experience. You may discontinue the coaching relationship at any time at your discretion. Many clients have worked with me repeatedly through the years as their needs and challenges change.

Get Started

Begin with your complimentary one-on-one Discovery Session. This will provide clarity around what you want and options for moving ahead.

Email and we will contact you to set an appointment. Please include your name, time zone, and a brief explanation of your current situation. 




Mish has a way of bringing out the best in people, even when I’ve put myself in a difficult situation. She is always supportive and patiently works with me to identify better approaches to solve any issue I’m facing. It’s why I’m comfortable telling her everything that has happened, which accounts for the invaluable rapport she has developed with me.
No matter the challenges I was facing, she was there with actionable feedback and made sure we connected either via phone or email so she could follow up and make necessary adjustments to my action plans.
Sometimes when I share my accomplishments with her she gets even more excited than I do. That tells me I am not just a name to her but someone in whom she takes a real interest.

Finance Executive
Global internet search firm


Mish has played a great role in shaping my career path and I treasure the relationship I have with her. I would recommend her to anyone who seeks coaching from someone who empowers you to work towards what you want to achieve in your career, and overall life.
O. A.
Global Investment Bank