What clients are saying..

“A keen understanding of the environment, players and challenges of the financial world.”
Without a doubt, Mishuku has strengthened my ability to resolve career issues. Rather than give me the best solution (which would be easy with her wisdom and experience) she helps me explore an issue from all sides, allowing me to recognize where personal feelings might color my professional interactions.
More than once she has helped me see how the behavior of others is simply based on perception, which presents an opportunity to shift their impression and thereby strengthen my relationships with senior officers.
— J.T. Vice President Global M&A advisory firm New York
“Experience and professionalism that can’t be matched.”
I wanted to return to the media industry after working in political communications, but didn’t know how to make that transition. Mish gained my trust in our first meeting helped me overcome the indecisiveness that was holding me back, and determine which career path would best serve my professional goals.
After consulting with her, I was able to accurately assess my strengths and execute a plan to re-enter the broadcast media industry.
Now my career anxiety is gone. I’m currently working in production at a local television station and enjoy every day while I pursue positions that will advance my broadcast career further. Without Mish I wouldn’t have regained my confidence and motivation to succeed in my profession.
— R.J. National broadcasting firm New Jersey
“I know myself better and now have the confidence to succeed in my career.”
Mish has helped me evaluate critical opportunities in my career, including international moves, and keep them in perspective with my long term goals.
Mish’s training course offered so many practical tips for advancing my career. Now I’m receiving very positive feedback from those around me, making it clear that I’m viewed as a top performer.
She gives people a better understanding of themselves and a clear vision of their future, enabling them to make effective decisions in their career.
— A.W. Global financial firm Tokyo, Japan
“A true leader of women who inspires younger professionals to reach their potential.”
For two years Mish has been with me all the way (even if it was via Skype). Whether it was a move to Singapore, a foray into ecommerce sales or settling into private banking sales that combined art and finance – every session with Mish gave me the clarity, tools, constructive feedback, perspective and confidence to pursue what initially seemed impossible. At every turn she empowered me to explore my potential when constraining myself to one path didn’t feel right.
Once I had only a few days to prepare for my big pitch in a different industry. Mish was on the case with me, preparing the pitch lines and brainstorming how I should go about it. It was such a last minute preparation but she understood the significance of scheduling additional meetings
to go through this with me. Without it, I would not have the courage and enough preparation to get through the day.
Mish taught me how to envision almost anything I want, but there’s one thing I can’t imagine – getting her caliber of expertise and personal attention anywhere else.
— A.S. Sales Executive Fortune 500 global banking firm Tokyo
“My biggest cheerleader – she truly cares about my success.”
Mish has a way of bringing out the best in people, even when I’ve put myself in a difficult situation. She is always supportive and patiently works with me to identify better approaches to solve any issue I’m facing. It’s why I’m comfortable telling her everything that has happened, which accounts for the invaluable rapport she has developed with me.
No matter the challenges I was facing, she was there with actionable feedback and made sure we connected either via phone or email so she could follow up and make necessary adjustments to my action plans.
Sometimes when I share my accomplishments with her she gets even more excited than I do. That tells me I am not just a name to her but someone in whom she takes a real interest.
— W.C. Finance Executive Global internet search firm California