A Unique Approach to Visibility

“Each of us is responsible for making
ourselves visible in ways that will
benefit our own career. No one else
can do that for you.”

Mishuku (Mish) Southgate is considered the “go to” source for Asian professional women yearning to succeed without compromising who they are. She became a seasoned executive in the world of high finance while at the same time raising a family and later founding a business.

Her unique 4-step approach for women to boost their Visibility Quotient™ laid the foundation for her own successful career in New York and Tokyo, marked by a rapid rise at Goldman Sachs to VP and Asia Head of Foreign Exchange Operations.

Controlling Your Own Career

Mish advises that every woman must eventually take the reins of her own career – and sooner is better.

“We all hit a ‘ceiling’ at some point,” says Mish. “Breaking through it requires a decision and then a strategy, but it doesn’t mean you have to become someone you’re not.”

Throughout her career, she has been recognized for her skill in mentoring individuals to achieve their career aspirations at financial powerhouses and leading institutions such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, and Citibank.

Changing Misperceptions

“My mission is to give women the tools,
confidence and know how to be recognized
for their true value.”

While guiding others to do all the right things for their careers, Mish also became a master at helping women identify the behaviors that unwittingly contribute to self-sabotage.

“The view that others have of us is largely under our own control,” advises Mish. “Changing their misperceptions is where your power lies, how you tilt the odds in your favor.”

As soon as a client begins focusing on her Visibility Quotient, the energy shifts from managing worries to pursuing possibilities.

“I really love hearing from clients each time they’ve shattered another barrier and have their eyes set on a new goal,” Mish smiles. “Those stories just make my day!”


Mish Southgate is the author of “The One Week Plan to Boost Your Career in Just 10 Minutes a Day.” She has been featured in articles offering career advice in Business News Daily and Her Campus. She is a contributor for Eunoia Women. Mish was the recipient of the Asia Federation Award for People Development while at Goldman Sachs.

Mish is a Certified Career Coach through Career Coach Institute and holds a degree in Economics from Barnard College. She also volunteers with organizations in her community to support women and families with job search and career related matters.


Mish taught me how to envision almost anything I want, but there’s one thing I can’t imagine – getting her caliber of expertise and personal attention anywhere else.
— A.S. Sales Executive Fortune 500 global banking firm Tokyo