Career Success Without Compromise

Visibility Careers Helps Professional Asian Women Accomplish:

  • Career Discovery – assess where you are, your options and job targets.
  • Career Acceleration – quickly advance in your current position.
  • Career Transition – take action to change jobs or go independent.

How Coaching Can Help

If everything that brought you this far no longer seems to work…

  • It isn’t because you’re not smart enough.
  • It isn’t because you don’t work hard enough.
  • It certainly doesn’t mean you’re somehow flawed.

The challenge? Making sure your best qualities, best work, and best ideas get recognized. Unfortunately, many women just aren’t proactive in making that happen.

Especially if corporate culture is at odds with how we were brought up: with an emphasis on hard work, being kind and polite.

The good news? Getting the recognition you deserve does not require changing who you are.

In fact, your authentic qualities are the best tools for advancing your career.

All it requires is focusing on your Visibility Quotient™.

Who I work with:

Women Ready to Move Their Career Forward

Are you:

  • At a crossroads professionally?
  • Feeling unappreciated or trapped at your job?
  • Wondering where to focus your efforts to boost your career?

If you’re frustrated but too exhausted to strategize what’s next…
If you don’t want ambition to completely alter who you are…
You’re not alone!

Our Cultural Upbringing

For many of us, our cultural upbringing makes us hard workers and gets us in the door. But it doesn’t always prepare us for life in a large firm managed under "western norms."

We want to succeed, travel, live well – but not if it means becoming loud, aggressive and pushy just to get ahead.

The Unwritten Rules

Luckily, there is a rather elegant approach that means you don’t have to compromise. I call it your Visibility Quotient™ and it employs a 4-Step Career Roadmap using the same methods, tools and attitudes that propelled my career at the world’s foremost investment banking firm, Goldman Sachs.

More than that, Visibility Coaching has helped all of my clients succeed, whether they rise in their existing firm, land a lucrative position elsewhere, or strike out on their own.

And rather than resort to politics, your Career Roadmap helps you gain recognition for the good work and ideas you’re already generating.

Explore Visibility Coaching

Are you ready for a path that lets you be yourself and still succeed? That channels your greatest talents into new and exciting work that fulfills you?

If so, explore What We Do and how Visibility Coaching will ensure you achieve success on your terms.


A Solid Strategy to Reach Your Career Goals

Our first objective is career clarity. Initial sessions help you assess whether it would be best to:

  • Rise in your existing firm
  • Land your ideal job
  • Venture out on your own

Learning this makes it clear how to achieve the fulfillment and satisfaction you’re after.
Based on your objectives, we will work together on a strategy to accomplish your goals.

OPTION 1: Rise in Your Existing Firm

When hard work alone is no longer enough, you want an action plan to boost your visibility – and your career.

To rise in your existing job, coaching will focus on a 4-Step Career Roadmap that helps to grow your Visibility Quotient™ and ensure you gain the recognition you deserve.

  1. Inventory Your Skills.
    • Discover key attributes of your personal brand.
    • StrengthsFinder 2.0™ pinpoints the unique skills you possess.
    • Learn what distinguishes you from all the other ‘good employees’.
  2. Plan Strategic Efforts.
    • Identify your highest value contributions.
    • Focus your efforts less on quantity of work and more on demonstrating results that support organizational objectives.
    • Create visibility for yourself as a contributor where it matters most.
  3. Secure a Visibility Sponsor.
    • Develop an action plan for getting in front of the right people.
    • Establish networks of influence that will highlight you and your abilities.
    • Cultivate an internal ally to whom you communicate your results, who will also broadcast them appropriately within the organization.
  4. Utilize Confidence Builders.
    • Learn to confidently express how your work benefits the organization.
    • Specific actions and methods you can employ to grow your confidence.
    • Set weekly action plans to achieve your career goals.

OPTION 2: Land Your Ideal Job

When finding a new job is your goal, coaching will help you gain clarity on your ideal career. We will work on developing a step-by-step plan to help you launch and succeed in your job search campaign. Session topics might include:

  1. Your desired work environment and meeting your financial needs and goals.
  2. Developing your brand.
  3. Refining your resume.
  4. Designing a job search strategy and accessing the unpublished market.
  5. Interviewing strategies for each stage of the interview process.
  6. Evaluating the offers.
  7. Negotiating the optimum package.

You also receive full email support between coaching sessions to ensure you maintain your momentum and address opportunities as they arise.

OPTION 3: Venture Out on Your Own

Maybe you’ve been in the corporate world long enough to know, it’s just not where you feel most fulfilled.

That was me – after more than a decade of climbing quickly in the financial world, I broke away to start my own business. I did it, and I can help you plan your transition too!

If you don’t already have a plan in mind, we’ll start with some effective tools to help you assess and explore your direction:

  • Lifestyle Assessment – how do you really want to be applying your talents?
  • StrengthsFinder 2.0™ – what unique skills do you possess?
  • Your Authentic Vocation™ profile – what draws on your genuine abilities?

If you’ve been contemplating making a change, I’m happy to lend my experience, insights and coaching skills to help you develop and pursue a solid strategy.

Get Started

The best way to explore your needs and whether there is a good fit is my complimentary one-on-one Discovery Session. This will provide clarity around what you want and options for moving ahead.

Complete the client brief and I will contact you to set an appointment.